Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tvlgfhf episode 1 - intro byatches

here it is, bam and you say G*d damn, that was a dope jam
listen now

seriously, check out the episode, leave some comments, and help us make a better deal.


ersatz versifier said...

Pretty cool. Good intro cast, I'd say. Needs more foley artistry though. You should definitely invest in a bell and slide whistle. Or at least two empty halves of coconut.

I must say though, after all the big talk and anticipation about getting sushi in the Tower, I was disappointed to hear about the lackluster service at the new Mr. Sushi. I'm sure I'll still give 'em a shot when I get a chance though.

Now, being a north Fresno resident, and already knowing many of your sentiments towards the area, your comments of future rants about River Park left me wondering who the actual target of your podcast includes. I'm not trying to imply anything with that comment; I'm just curious as to what your goals are for this project.

But just so you know, in the very near future you won't be limited solely to River Park for access to Best Buy. You'll still have to go to north Fresno, but there is a new location opening up on the northeast corner of Herndon and Willow. They've been working on it for a few months, and the exterior is actually painted blue now, so I assume it will be completed fairly soon.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say in the future though, and how your podcasts will develop. Having guests and group discussions will definitely be cool. How often are you planning to come out with new episodes?

The Fresnan said...

Very nice start to the podcast guys!

And yes, we really do drink beer when podcasting (although not enough lately). I highly advise a couple beers before recording.

Anytime you are really really hard up for a guest, let me know.

timidvenus said...

super cool, guys.

i thought it was very good, and it made me super miss my fresno. i would like to know how often youre planning on doing this.

also, i feel like im famous, you said my name!!!!

edluv said...

we're looking @ every other week. so, we'll record our next one on wednesday or thursday of next week. and hopefully post it asap after that.

The Lulu said...

Well done boys, and thank you for giving me credit for the title of your podcast coming from my sex dream about the two of you:) My parents would be so proud!

I look forward to seeing what other topics you cover and where this goes but so far so good, especially discussing events in the Tower District and Downtown area.

Whats funny was there were times where I was close to actually responding outloud to some of your comments, I felt like it was just a Wednesday night - except I was at work and I didnt have a drink or a cigarette in my hand which kind of bummed me out. Oh well.

edluv said...

perhaps we'll have you on as a guest. it's the least we can do since you did give us our name.

or, maybe i'll put you in the running to replace adam. or, maybe adam will dump me and bring you on.