Friday, July 25, 2008

episode 9 tvlgfhf

we keep kickin rears. and we're hitting our stride. it's episode 9.

this time we hit:
listener feedback
an apology
this charming band
the dark knight
star trek
art hop
the post art hop show w/james brittan gore & el olio wolof
the fuego playoffs this weekend
wide world of fresno sports
chameleon's cafe chicken and waffles
fresno foodie

feel free to listen and leave a comment


brodiemash said...

Yes, you guys need to go see it on IMAX. But not to eff up your experience, but only 30 mins. or so are actually shot in the format, not the entire film,. But still, totally worth it! NYUP!

Monticore said...

I'm requesting that you guys talk about the local fresno pigeon feeders that live on Bullard right by 41. I want to know the back story about those people.

Also I want some news on Ghost Hunter comming to Fresno