Sunday, November 2, 2008

episode 16 tvlgfhf

imagine if you had three of fresno's bloggiest together in one room. well, it happens in episode 16 of the view looks good from here, fresno.

adam & ed are joined by mike seay of the fresnan/dorktown/flowing with famous.

these three knuckleheads talk about:
mike's dorkiness
wiffle ball
flowing with famous
treehouse of terror & halloween
fresno's music scene
the election
and other stuff, too.

salty language peppers this episode, so be warned.


The Jay said...

I want in on the ex-Fresnan thread. Plus, a lot of the public administration/finance stuff might be interesting (unless everyone's burned out on politics).

Promise I won't be too blasted.

...I retract that promise.

Adam said...

I think that's the quickest retraction I've ever seen.

We'll have you just blasted enough.