Monday, December 15, 2008

tvlgfhf dec/jan undercurrent article

Ed: Wow, another year is almost over, and I've got my post-Thanksgiving stuffing going on. I know I'm already looking forward to the end of the year holidays with anticipation and beginning to think about the next year. Where's your favorite Christmas celebration venue? That is, who's got the best light show? Is it Christmas Tree Lane, Huntington Blvd, or one of the newer light spectacles on the edges of Fresno?

Adam: I've only walked Huntington Blvd once during Christmas. I think it's a bit too classy for me. I love me some Christmas Tree Lane, especially on the walking nights. Crowds of joyous people drinking hot beverages, tripping over other people's dogs, having arguments about things like which direction Van Ness runs, etc. You know, what everyone likes to do when they're wandering some strangers' street staring at their houses. All kidding aside, I can't wait for the brisk air blushing the cheeks and the secret be-flasked booze warming my tummy during the walk down whichever street I make it to.

Ed: Although I rarely go down it, I actually think Huntington is a little better. Maybe it's because I don't go down it that much, but Christmas Tree Lane gets a little tired for me, too much of the same old decorations. And, if we're walking, I'd rather go down a well lit Huntington than trip on a dog. Maybe that's just me. Well, after the lights have dimmed on Christmas, how do you like to ring in the New Year?

Adam: Oh, there's no dimming for me. I plan on taking that week between Christmas and the New Year straight through. Sure, there will be time for naps, but rather than pull over to a rest stop, I'll sleep while I'm driving, thank you very much. As to the actual eve of 2009, I'm open to a lot of things, but I'll probably be at a house party. I like being with friends and/or family making our own celebrations. I've had my big New Year’s, but nothing beats a game of Cranium and mixed drinks, except for maybe a game of Wii bowling. And you, my friend?

Ed: I actually don't even like New Year's Eve that much. It seems like it's always a let down. You bounce around from lame parties to overcrowded bars with wack drink prices. If the tickets weren't so expensive, I'd hit up the B.B. King show over at the Tower Theater. Maybe I'll just stay home this year and go crazy shooting bullets into the air. But, since we're talking about New Year's, let's talk about our favorite Fresno moment of the last year. For me, I'd have to say that my favorite Fresno moment was…hard to say. There's been so much good stuff from post art hop shows featuring great bands to starting a podcast to the blogger Olympics to FSU baseball winning the college world series. I'll go out on a limb and say that my favorite Fresno moment was the inaugural FUSE Festival. I had such a blast checking out live music at several venues downtown over a half day.

Adam: Ah, the recap. Yes. FUSE was a fantastic event and a very successful first in what I hope is a long line of festivals that showcase the local talent and even draw bands from elsewhere like other big festivals. I'll take a selfish moment, or two or three, and say that one of my best Fresno moments this year was getting my first tattoo. I'll give a little shoutout to Monica at Tower Tattoos for that one. But really, the best moment for Fresno this year was when the economy tanked and I couldn't move away to school. That's right. You've still got me bitchez!

Ed: Well, I'm not sure if all of Fresno would say that was the best moment of the year, but I suppose some might quibble with mine as well. We all had our best moments, but I'm sure we can all say that it was a good year for Fresno. And we're poised for change in our city and our nation.

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