Saturday, December 5, 2009

episode 41 of tvlgfhf

fresno, it's december, we saw you out over thanksgiving, and we're back with another podcast to warm up your ears. this time, we're joined by a band that describes itself as butt grunge rock with metal, trumpet solo.

in episode 41 we talk with trumpet solo about:
the origin of their name
what their music is like
their shows
reid cheating on the band
trumpet solo merch
bear vs shark
and we end the show with their song, eternal lies

listen. enjoy. go see trumpet solo next time they have a show.

be advised, salty language.


The Fresnan said...

First off: ohhhhhhh are you gonna get it on the next Dorktown, Mr. Ed (whenever that is), I heard that shot.

And in my defense, my Trumpet Solo interview was done at Tokyo Garden and was not planned. Reid just came up and said "Hey, wanna interview us now?" so I did- without any prepped questions - so it was doomed to kinda suck. I've felt bad ever since for mostly leaving Pierce and Nick out, but I already had a rapore with Reid so I kinda just kept asking him stuff. I plan to make it up to them on a future Flowing or Dorktown.

So there, bitches.

(btw, I'm not as butt hurt as I sound, just screwing around here.... ;)

edluv said...

aw crap, i didn't realize that wasn't a real interview with them. i think i was half asleep when i listened to it (not your fault, mine) and just thought those guys were being quite. i didn't realize it was an on the fly interview. my bad.

and i'll blame those guys because they didn't say anything.