Monday, January 3, 2011

episode 50

A podcast about Fresno, Ca. In this episode Adam & Ed talk to their significant others, Carrie & Heather. The four discuss:
Walmart & Fighting Hunger in Fresno ( to give!)
El Olio Wolof's last show ever
The Global Village Idiots podcast
the return of Pub Quiz - featuring a hint
New Year's Eve recap & hopes for this year
and a little Shark vs Bear

We hope you enjoy. Remember, our mouths should probably be washed out with soap. That means there is salty language.

one final note, we screwed up and called this episode 49 during the episode, but it was actually episode 50.



Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention, looking forward to buying you guys a drink!

Adam said...

I'm looking forward to masses of people feeling some awesome music.