Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Episode 2 TVLGFHF

that's right folks, here is episode two of the view looks good from here, fresno.

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in this episode adam & ed talk about:
what happened during a crazy busy weekend in fresno
upcoming shenanigans you don't want to miss (like the undercurrent's 2nd birthday bash)
mike oz's quest to bring barry zito to fresno
adam's birthday and how you should buy him a drink
politics, specifically a little reverend wright
other things
and even give a invite for guests


The Lulu said...

I wanted to be the first one to post a comment but I also really wanted to leave work so I am posting a quick, no reflective response.

I indeed just finished listening to Episode 2 and it had a little bit of a more serious tone than the first but was still entertaining when you arent talking about baseball

I had some other comments as well but they will have to wait as I am outta heeeere.

timidvenus said...

okay, here is my suggestion:

i put it on my ipod, thinking that i would listen on my 20 min drive to work. i am grateful that there are track breaks, makes for easier listening. but heres the problem: if i have the volume all the way up in my car i can still only make out half of what ed is saying, and adam is screaming at me (and not in the good way) the whole time. so, i think you need to work on consistancy with your volume. there were a few times that i really wanted to hear ed's entire thoughts but couldnt gat the volume up any louder to do so.

also, thanks for the mention.

James C. said...

Okay, I'm not really good at making time for podcasts, but this is pretty good. Even if I did sense that you were making fun of me because I don't like Velveeta on my tater skins (yes, that was me, and yes, I said tater).

edluv said...

please don't think we were making fun of you. i know i don't want velveeta on the skins. give me some real melted cheese, and real bacon bits. i think i read the comment on the velveeta-ish cheese over @ the beehive and thought it was very helpful/insightful. seriously.