Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Episode 3 TVLGFHF

now available, episode three of the view looks good from here, fresno.

in this episode we talk about:
a review the undercurrent show
an interview with julia dawn
mother's day
fresno's alleged brain drain
upcoming events like the taste & toast of the tower, the vibe, yoshi now's hootenanny
and more

about 52 minutest & 51 mb in length

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Mike Oz said...

Good stuff guys. I've listened to and enjoyed all three.

Props to Adam -- I got respect for ya, holmes.

Adam said...

Thanks Mike.

The Lulu said...

Two things:

1. When I click on the itunes link it only lists Episodes 1 & 2, what happened to 3?

2. Uhh The Office is lackluster? I must disagree Ed, The Office is still hilarious and last nights episode was no exception, so there.

edluv said...

not really sure why itunes is taking so long to pick up episode 3. cant figure it out.

and, there have been good episodes this season, and funny moments, but overall this season isn't as good as past ones.