Wednesday, June 4, 2008

episode 5 tvlgfhf

yeah, we're right back at it again.

dowload/listen to us in episode 5

in this episode we jabber on:
a recap of the blogger olympics
some local election talk
adam's art hop this week @ tower mosaic - 1040 n fulton
the post art hop show featuring death to anders & rademacher
the upcoming dorktown birthday bash @ starline
our myspace (which btw, is

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The Fresnan said...

Thanks for the talk up of our show and for Tuesday night at Starline, dudes.

Yes, I bet we will still be paying to get in. And, shots bad, beer good.

HMac said...

Dude, I straight up stole the name of your podcast and used it in a post and not a peep out of Ed or Adam?

Now I know for sure you guys only read Mike Oz's posts.

edluv said...

i saw it alright. i took it as a compliment and figured it didn't need any sort of witty response. but thanks, i really did appreciate the linkage.