Tuesday, June 17, 2008

episode 6 tvlgfhf

it's here, episode 6.

this episode features:
guest chris "lefty" brown of lefty side of the dial, and the married gamers

we talk about:
election results
alan autry's possible idiot status
gay marriage - ramifications for cities and the november election
summer movies - dark knight wins out for most expected
bloggers as new media
smog city roller girls
the fresno grizzlies
video games

we love talking to chris, so this is a big one, clocking in @ about 1h 30 min. good thing we know how to do chapters!


HMac said...

Yay! More eff words in this ep. I like it.

The other bits were good, too.

brodiemash said...

Goldeneye FTW! Good stuff....

James C. said...

Hmm...the others at Starbucks keep looking at me odd for laughing out loud.
Several comments reminded of my sister's wedding; not only was there a sermon, but I will always remember the line, "Thank God He created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." What can I say, it was in Texas...