Monday, September 22, 2008

episode 12 tvlgfhf

you've been waiting a little longer than usual but we're worth the wait. it's episode 12!

this episode features:
adam's arc hop show
tvlgfhf in the undercurrent
chick fil a and a contest
bob's big boy contest
flashback features
fantasy football
move on up show
the final smog city match of the season
fresno fuse festival

since it took us a while to get this to you, we'll put out episode 13 a little sooner. because we love you that much.


The Fresnan said...

Not cool dudes. Very un-bro like to be making fun of my "mini-recorder" on the show. Yes, of course I have to bring it everywhere, it's my damn peni... oh, you mean my digital recorder, yes I do take that everywhere and it's annoying.

And no I don't want a coupon for a chicken sandwich.

mell0w said...

nice work. i'm guessing fewer beers we're consumed in the making of this podcast. you actually sounded sober!

Adam said...

Hooray, Mellow gets a Bob's Big Boy coupon!

edluv said...

well, since the fresnan didn't want the chick fil a, maybe it should go to brian.

mell0w said...

can i get a landmark coupon instead?