Wednesday, October 1, 2008

episode 13 tvlgfhf

we've been running our mouths about this one, you've been waiting for it, and here it is, our best episode yet. it's episode 13!

This episode features:
an interview with Fresno mayoral candidate Henry T. Perea. We discuss
the Creative Economy Council,
downtown redevelopment,
green building standards,
encouraging artists,
Henry's spots to hang out in Fresno,
encouraging unity in Fresno,
mass transit and more.
And then Adam and I talk about the fair.

enjoy, leave us a comment.


brodiemash said...

That was awesome! And the monkey was from Radiers Of The Lost Ark! You guys getting Swearengin next? BATTLE!

Adam said...

Oooooh, right, the monkey that eats the poisoned dates and dies. Now I remember.

mell0w said...

well done, fellas. it was refreshing to hear someone running for office get away from the talking points and just have a normal conversation. and i agree with henry - something about being out of control in the water makes me think death by bear attack is preferable to a shark.

Lulu said...

I agree with Mellow, it was refreshing to hear a more conversational interview but you were still able to ask him about the pertinent issues so I felt I got to know him better personally and politically. I also think that a dog could totally beat a monkey with a knife. Dogs would go for the throat and the monkey would maybe get one stab in so it would have to be a good shot.

I was psyched that I got a shot out too, I made my mom listen to it. I think she was proud.