Sunday, October 12, 2008

episode 14 tvlgfhf

striking while the iron is hot, the view looks good from here, fresno is joined by justin kliewer, former fresnan now seattlite for episode 14

we're also joined by monticore from craptanistly land.

we talk a little about sarah palin
seattle vs fresno - why we're cooler even if justin doesn't think so
fixies & single speeds
why justin abandoned fresno as a brain drainer
justin's spots to hit when he visits fresno
alaska meth
final thoughts
death by bear or shark & word associations

1 comment:

Justin said...

I'm sure that anyone who know much about music will be able to point out several errors about the bands I was talking about, such as the fact that Death Cab started in Bellingham. I may have said they were on SubPop, which they aren't. Put a mic in front of me and I'll say anything.