Sunday, March 8, 2009

episode 23 of the view looks good from here, fresno

as the Rogue festival wraps up, tvlgfhf puts out episode 23.

this episode starts with an interview with ryan paulson, a Rogue Festival performer. Ed talks with Ryan about
the Rogue festival & it's climate, benefits and more
traveling to Fresno
how he got started & his career
growing up in wisconsin
the difference between writing songs & monologues
ryan's big plans
more rogue reflections
being a blasphemous cheese head
shark vs bear
final plugs for ryan paulson

then, you need to turn your volume up really loud and listen to Ed's final Meet the Artist discussion time as he talks about
the show title
tower 4
living in it
diamond in the rough
water tower

finally, we have a bootlegged (included with permission) untitled new song by Abigail Nolte

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