Monday, March 23, 2009

episode 24 of the view looks good from here, fresno

TVLGFHF heads back to it's roots as Adam and Ed do an episode without guests. shocking, but get ready for episode 24.

in this episode we talk about:
spring's arrival & allergies
final rogue thoughts
pecha kucha night
notown roller derby
march madness
the look of the new beehive
the next swede festival
a bootlegged song from the fay wrays (listen very closely for adam's wager @ the end)
final thoughts

and hey, why not load up itunes and leave a comment about the podcast? we'd love it if you did.


brodiemash said...

Can't wait to see your guys' entry for the Swede Festival! And if we don't do an official Gettogether for Pulp Fiction on Thurs. I say we meet up for a beer beforehand the film.

Justin said...

Its about time for a new episode...

did you put together a swede?