Wednesday, May 20, 2009

episode 27 of the view looks good from here, fresno

once again striking while the iron is hot, tvlgfhf is back with another episode. in episode 27 we're joined by patrick contreras. he's a local musician, crazy violinist, and a musical phenom.

we discuss a bunch of stuff including:
patrick's upcoming cd release show on June 20th behind the Tower theater
about his other shows
the upcoming cd
venues, festivals & charity shows
what it's like to be a "different" type of act
playing Fresno vs other places
the philharmonic, Chris Kattan's wedding, beer
shark vs bear
the Patrick Contreras Band song "Belmont"

hope you enjoy. There might be language that some find objectionable so be warned.


Justin said...

I really enjoyed the latest episode, although as I write this I realized that I got to work with a couple minutes left so I didn't hear the end. I am hoping that you played a clip of his music.

A couple thoughts...
You should do a little roundup of bands that you have followed and what they are up to. I used to see a lot of posts about the Argyle Pimps, etc.

I may have mentioned to Adam or Ed already, but I think you should interview Kiel Famellos-Schmidt (sp?) I see his name pop up in blogs, etc having to do with design in Fresno/valley. It would be interesting to hear more about ArchHop.

edluv said...

thanks for the feedback justin. adam and i have recently kicked around the idea of having kiel on (after you mentioned it). he would be a very intriguing guest as the curator of arc-hop, as guy working in the field, and as one of the main forces behind pecha kucha fresno.

edluv said...

oh, and if you haven't finished the episode, we do end with one of patrick's new original songs, 'belmont'.

Justin said...

i realized that i was only halfway through, the iphone reads chapters that maybe are not real. enjoyed the rest of the article.