Monday, May 4, 2009

episode 26 of the view looks good from here, fresno

we've celebrated our first year and are back with guest reza assemi. reza's an artist, downtown developer and super duper guy. it's episode 26.

we discuss:
downtown develepment
iron bird lofts/fulton plaza
what got reza started - the pearl building
the cultural arts district and master builder status
the met & money downtown
what would get downtown going, the PBID & perception
what's holding downtown back
debts II society, sega, swede fest & litigation
reza's art
where reza eats dinner
& finally bear vs shark

as always, there are words and ideas that some find objectionable. be warned.

be on the lookout for another episode soon from tvlgfhf, interviews taped during our anniversary party.


Bryan Harley said...

Totally agree with Reza, Fulton Street has to be opened up to traffic through the mall.

archop said...

Interesting, I'm halfway into it now.

Bryan Harley said...

That was a friggin' great podcast, sirs.

559rell said...

It definitely sounds like you guys got Reza a bit more loose toward the end... like the reference to a drink was a foreshadowing. Funny.

But, the show was great! I think I learned a lot of interesting things about Reza Assemi, the Iron Bird Lofts, and basic downtown development issues.

Thanks for the podcast guys. Great work!


edluv said...

i wonder if reza wants to take back the last few minutes. we were all pretty loose and free flowing by then, but that's why i love podcasting.

The Fresnan said...

Wow guys, I think that was the best show you guys have done. Normally I think it's a big mistake to go over an hour on a podcast but I was wishing it wouldn't end.

Good work.