Sunday, May 3, 2009

the view looks good from here anniversary party

we're a year old and so we wanted to have a birthday party and invite everyone who's been on the podcast and a few other friends. sadly, not everyone could come, and honestly we didn't really try to invite the out of town guests. here's who could come:

mike from rademacher

mike from mikewiseisundecided. he's actually one person we've asked to be on the pod and he declined.

friend of the podcast kuffy.

adam was there.

yours truly was there, natch.

our friend kasey, who was scheduled to be on a podcast (episode 4)but she declined.

friend of the pod brian, who was on episode 8

aileen imperatrice came, and she did alright in croquette.

monticore joined us (it's her house, too).

nick nocketback rolled in, complained about a lot of things, and had a good time.

hmac graced us with her presence, giving us more blogger cred.

celeideh from our last episode came, and yes we got her started on scarjo again.

jonathan from rademacher/circles and circles stopped in for a bit.

this guy mike, that i've never met before came with jonathan and celeideh.

eli from fay wrays & rademacher regaled us with stories

ben from the fay wrays enjoyed himself. both he and eli will be on a future episode.

tanya oz was all smiles.

mike oz showed that yes, he can go to backyard parties

i honestly believe that joy is made of sugar.

corin, guest from episode 8, whispered sweet newsiness to us all.

brodiemash, recent winner of the blogger olympics saluted our podcast.

reza assemi, downtown guru/builder/all around swell guy was the last guest to arrive. he wins the prize. the prize? being on an upcoming episode of the view looks good from here, fresno.

thanks to everyone that came out.

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The Fresnan said...

Wow, looks like a lot of good folks. Very sorry I missed it.