Tuesday, June 23, 2009

episode 30 of the view looks good from here, fresno

it took us 30 episodes, but we've finally decided to do a two part episode. and, we actually edited some content (but not much). in episode 30 we're joined by nick nocketback, malcom sosa and fresno's scarjo.

the podcast starts with malcom sosa asking us questions
we talk about gentrification and downtown redevelopment
we end up on arguing whether or not the fulton mall should be open to traffic

next week we're having these same three knuckleheads on to finish it off.


edluv said...

it's a long one, by i like it!

Bryan Harley said...
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Bryan Harley said...

The argument that tearing down the mall is like tearing down the old courthouse is laughable. Those responsible for tearing down the courthouse are the same people that dug up Fulton Street in the name of "progress." By restoring Fulton Street we are simply correcting a mistake made 50 years ago.

As Craig and others have said, we can still preserve the trees and public art with wide sidewalks and have two way traffic.

Malcolm Sosa said...

I feel like the majority of Scharton's plan is out of a playbook written in other cities 20 years ago.

Policies that worked in other cities will not necessarily work in Fresno. Best practices that were cutting edge in the 90's are now totally being reshaped by the changing economy and new technologies.

If a "succesful" transformation of Downtown Fresno by 2020 would be to recreate the same thing Downtown Pasadena was in the 90's, that's super-hella-lame.

If you want to waste a ton of money, at least go for something that is out of the park.

A better idea would be to look at the conditions other cities are trying to create in their urban cores in the next 20 years :


edluv said...

perhaps we'll bring that up to him when he comes on the show. we're hoping to have him on soon.

thanks for the comment and the link.

Malcolm Sosa said...

You understand how ridiculous it seems that Fresno is clamoring for there to be more automobile traffic in our urban core when most major cities are trying to do the exact opposite.

Scharton has gotten some good stuff through. Like the 50% shade for parking lot thing -- but that was about 20 years ago and I still don't see much shade in many lots.

From what I understand of Scharton's plan, it would have been the right thing to do for downtown 20 years ago. About the time he was on the city council, but I think the type of urban core we need is going to be much faster, denser and altogether different that what we're aiming for at the moment.

We've got to be on the cutting edge, not cutting edge "for the 90's", if we want to stay competitive :


edluv said...

perhaps something interesting to check out:
On August 5 from 6-8 pm, FLYP will be taking a tour of the Fulton Mall with Craig Scharton, Director, City of Fresno Downtown and Community Revitalization Department. Come hear about the role of Fulton in downtown revitalization, upcoming events, and some of the issues to be addressed in the new downtown Specific Plan. Tour will start at Milano's (on the Fulton Mall) and last for about an hour and a half.

edluv said...

not sure if you're still checking this, but dig this link


thefresnan said...

The most fiery Fulton Mall debate...EVER. Nice.

Still kinda sad to find out Malcolm doesn't listen to Flowing though...podcast sadness