Tuesday, June 30, 2009

episode 31 of the view looks good from here, fresno

yes, yes, y'all and we don't stop. as we continue to steam up your summer with podcasts, we return for episode 31 with our three guests from episode 30 (nick nocketback, malcom sosa, kaylee scarjo) and we even added a fourth guest, josh. but have no fear, the audio is much clearer and easy to listen to (hopefully). in this one we focus on bikes and biking in fresno

specific layout:
unfortunate comments
what could make cycling easier in fresno
how to encourage more people to cycle
what makes a good bike
2 minutes of unadulterated nocketback
shark vs bear
final plugs and we're out

as always, the content is intended for mature audiences, and there may be some words that offend. be warned.


Justin said...

sorry, but this was the worst podcast you have done. I could hardly stop screaming "shut the fuck up and let them talk!!!!"

it was just frustrating having so many people yacking at the same time.

more importantly, there were so many interesting bicycle topics you didn't cover...

spandex, is it really necessary for a short trip to work

doping among commuters

and fixies, fun or fuckers

Justin said...

by the way, there is a tax credit program for people who commute to work. It can also include a rebate for purchasing a bike.


Adam said...

Justin, thanks for the link.

I also agree with your frustration. I felt like the last two episodes had a lot of dominant personalities and we failed to moderate.

I think I even made a comment during one of the breaks or before the last episode, feeling like Frost interviewing Nixon and being unable to contain.

edluv said...

i wanted to ask the fixy question, and had it for the end, but cut it due to time.

adam and i chatted about the too many people talking thing after the first episode with this group, and part of it is that when you're having conversation around a table, people have a tendency to just jump in and talk, rather than politely waiting like it is some sort of well managed interview or debate. this can especially be amplified by people partaking.

it seems it's usually one person that wants to keep jumping in over people, and so we have to learn to manage our guests a bit. in this episode i tried to do a lot more regulating with sound levels, trying to drop out mics to allow for clearer conversation, but this was our first time trying that.

that's for the comments. hopefully, it will help us improve our podcast.

btw, did you listen to episode 30? how do the two episodes compare on your complaints?

Justin said...

episode 30 didn't annoy me as much, but I felt like the various interjections were mostly moving in one direction, not as many personal references/jokes/conversation that I didn't understand.