Sunday, January 10, 2010

episode 42 of tvlgfhf

dang, it's been a month. hugs and kisses because we're back with episode 42 and we talk about:

the holidays
pub quiz @ landmark
pecha kucha 5
beehive birthday bash
pub quiz at landmark

and some other stuff. give it a listen. enjoy. know that some swear words show up.


mike oz said...

sorry you guys didn't have a good time at our party.

Adam said...

Hey, you can't please everyone and I know for me I'm notoriously picky about the bars I like.

It was the proper venue for what you all wanted to put on and despite a slow bar, it was a major success.

Again, kudos!

edluv said...

dont take it personal, mike. as i tried to say in the pod, my big issues were more related to venue, especially crowdedness/flow.

i did forget to mention my enjoyment playing carnival games. i love simple bean bag toss type things. they're simple yet deceptively challenging.

mike oz said...

Oh, I didn't take it personally. I feel the party was a huge success, and most people had a blast.

I'm just saying I'm sorry that you two didn't, that's all.