Thursday, January 7, 2010

pub quiz at the landmark

Pub Quiz: It. Is. On.
Ed and I have been tossing around the idea of hosting pub quiz for a while now. Well, next Wednesday that idea will be realized. Let's get right to it. Here are the pertinent details:

Location: The Landmark @ 644 E. Olive Ave. in the heart of the Tower District
Time: 8 pm on Wednesday the 13th
Cost: $5 per person with a maximum of 6 people per team
Potential upside for participants: A little brain exercise, free drinks, cash and/or prizes, a shot at winning the jackpot

Now here are some other details. You should arrive early so you can sign in and pay for your team's entry. Make sure you build a diverse team because questions will span politics, world news, geography, pop culture, music, sports, anything is fair game including Kate Gosselin's terrible new weave. This is Trivial Pursuit meets Jeopardy meets booze. It's the real deal and it's fun and a great way to support a local place, hang out with friends, and learn things like the fact that Mt. Everest is indeed 29,029 feet above sea level at its summit. Remember how Clay Aiken wasn't actually an American Idol winner? Well now you'd better.

Also, we need your support. Pub quiz isn't fun if no one shows up. The more the merrier and the more money that goes into the jackpot. We're mixing economic stimulus and brain stimulus. So study, keep up with current events, maintain your alcohol tolerance, be there and be a square.

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JW said...

About time someone has a pub quiz around here.

Thanks for coordinating, I hope the trend lasts.